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Renaissance to Early Modern Art History

Here you'll find information on art history from the Renaissance (both Italian and Northern), to the Baroque and onwards through most of the 19th-century. There were also many non-Western art-historic doings during these years, including the Ming Dynasty in China, and Aztec and Inca art in the Americas.
  1. Impressionism (26)
  2. Academic Art (3)

Romanticism - Art History 101 Basics
Romanticism wasn't all hearts and flowers. Instead, this was the Drama Queen of artistic movements.

Neo-Classicism - Art History 101 Basics
Neo-Classicism had its greatest success in a brand new country named the United States of America.

Realism - Art History 101 Basics
Realism was all about showing the unvarnished truth. At the time, this was an incredibly innovative (some even said dangerous) concept.

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