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Artists from the Italian Proto-Renaissance

ca. 1100-ca. 1400


Public Domain image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; GNU Free Documentation License

Duccio di Buoninsegna (Italian, ca. 1255/60-? 1319). Maestà, Madonna with Angels and Saints (detail), ca. 1308-11. Tempera on wood. 214 x 412 cm (84 1/4 x 162 1/4 in.).

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena

Here we have an annotated alphabetical listing of visual artists from the Proto-Renaissance period (ca. 1100-ca. 1400) in Italy. As "Proto-" segued into "Early Renaissance," and because no one was considerate enough of us, today, to stop working at 1400 on the dot, you can expect to see a fair amount of overlapping with the 15th-century Italian Artists list. Hyperlinked names indicate a path to an individual artist's profile.

This page covers artists whose surnames began with the letters A through F.

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Altichiero (da Zevio)

Ambrogio, Giovanni d'

    Florentine sculptor and architect;
    Master of Cathedral Works, Florence Cathedral
    Active 1382-1418

Angelo, Nicolaus de

    Roman architect and sculptor
    Active second half of the 12th century


    Active, in Milan, 1171

Antelami, Benedetto

    Sculptor and architect
    Active, mainly in Parma, 1178-1233

Arnolfo (di Cambio)

    Florentine sculptor and architect
    Active 1265; d. 1302


Balduccio, Giovanni di [Giovanni Balducci]

    Sienese sculptor, active in Pisa and Milan
    Active 1317/18-49

Banco, Maso di

    Florentine painter
    Active 1335-50

Barisanus of Trani

    Sculptor and bronze-caster
    Active 1179

Bartolo, Taddeo di

    Sienese painter
    b. ?1362-3; d. after August 28, 1422

Benivieni, Lippo di

    Florentine painter
    Active 1296-1320

Berlinghieri, Berlinghiero

    Painter active in Lucca
    Active 1228; d. before 1236

Berlinghieri, Bonaventura

    Painter, son of Berlinghiero
    Active 1228-74

Besozzo, Michelino (de' Molinari)

    Milanese painter and illuminator
    Active 1388; d. after 1450

Bicci, Lorenzo di

    Florentine painter associated with Florence Cathedral
    b. ca. 1350; d. ?1427

Biduino [Biduinus]

    Active ca. 1173-94


    Umbrian sculptor and architect
    Active 1195-1201

Biondo, Giovanni del

    Florentine painter
    Active 1356-99

Bologna, Niccolò di Giacomo da

    Bolognese illuminator
    Active 1349-1403

Bologna, Vitale da [Vidalino di Amyo de Equis]

    Bolognese painter
    b. before 1309; d. between 1359 and 1361

Bonanus of Pisa

    Sculptor, active in Sicily and, of course, Pisa
    Active ca. 1179-86

Bonaguida, Pacino di

    Florentine painter and illuminator
    Active from 1302 to pre-1340

Bonaventura, Segna di

    Sienese painter
    Active by 1298; d. before 1332

Bonomo, Jacobello di

    Venetian painter
    Active ca. 1370-90


    Veronese sculptor
    Active 1189-1226

Buonaccorso, Niccolò di

    Sienese painter
    Active 1356; buried May 17, 1388

Buschetto [Boschetto; Busketus]

    Architect responsible for the Pisa Cathedral
    Active ca. 1064-1110


Camaino, Tino di

    Itinerant sculptor for powerful patrons
    b. ca. 1280; d. 1337

Campionesi, The (Collective)

    Sculptors and architects
    Active in northern Italy, mid-12th to late 14th century

Casentino, Jacopo del

    Florentine painter
    Active ca. 1315-1349

Cavallini, Pietro

    Roman painter and mosaicist
    b. ca. 1240; d. after ca. 1330

Cimabue [Cenni (Benciviene) di Pepo]

    Painter and mosaicist
    b. ca. 1240; d. before July 14, 1302

Cione, Nardo di

Como, Giovanni di Benedetto da

    Lombardic illuminator of the Hours of Blanche of Savoy
    Active ca. 1378

Como, Giroldo (di Jacopo) da [Giroldo da Lugano]

    Sculptor associated with the cathedral at Massa Marittima
    Active 1267-74

Como, Guido [di Bonagiunta Bigarelli] da

    Sculptor associated with the Pisa and Pistoia Cathedrals
    Active ca. 1238; d. 1257

Cosmati, The (Collective)

    Roman marble-workers
    Active 12th and 13th centuries

Crocefissi, Simone dei

    Bolognese painter
    b. ca. 1330; d. 1399


Daddi, Bernardo

Dalmasio, Lippo di [Lippo delle Madonne]

    Bolognese painter known for his Madonnas
    d. ca. 1410


    Architect associated with the Pisa Baptistery
    Active 1152

d'Ognabene, Andrea di Jacopo

    Goldsmith active in Lucca
    Active 1286-ca. 1317

Drudus de Trivio

    Roman marble-worker and sculptor
    Active ca. 1230-40

Duccio (di Buoninsegna)

    Sienese painter
    Active 1278; d. before August 3, 1319


Filippuccio, Memmo di

    Sienese painter and illuminator
    Active 1288-1324

Fiorentino, Stefano

    Florentine painter
    Active ca. 1347

Foggia, Nicola [Niccolò] di Bartolomeo da

    Sculptor associated with Ravello Cathedral
    Active ca. 1230-72

Forli, Giustino del fu Gherardino da

    Venetian scribe and illuminator
    Active 1362 to sometime after 1384
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