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Stan Parchin


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Stan Parchin is an educational editor specializing in Art History, and was an invaluable contributor to this website from 2005-2007.


Stan Parchin developed his research and journalistic skills while a scholarship student at both Regis High School and New York University. Mr. Parchin helped to create instructional and audiovisual materials for The Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent collection and special exhibitions. He also edited diagnostic materials and educational publications for a nationally recognized testing service. Stan was Assistant Editor for: a dance record company; two newspapers; the Regis Alumni News; and a Catholic community theatre group. As part of Regis High School's popular adult lecture series, The Classroom Revisited, Mr. Parchin delivers color-illustrated interdisciplinary presentations on topics related to Art History, Archaeology, current museum special exhibitions and gallery reinstallations.


Stan Parchin studied the history, art and culture of ancient, medieval and Renaissance times at New York University. His specialties include: the art and culture of Old and New Kingdom Egypt; the Italian and Northern Renaissances; Church history; and witchcraft, heresy and social dissent in late-medieval and Early Modern Europe.

From Stan Parchin:

"In order to understand the history of any civilization or period, one has to study its visual legacy. Art reflects the times in which it was created. Museums' permanent collections and special exhibitions are the perfect vehicles for doing so. In an age when special exhibitions don't travel as extensively as they used to, many opportunities to learn from them are once-in-a-lifetime events."

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