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Here you'll find a glossary, information on how to write about art and analyze visual images, online courses in art history, library collections and resources about censorship in the arts. This is also the spot where not-easily-classified subjects, about and related to art history, are stored.
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'Mr. Art Critic' Movie Review
You know that one art critic you love to hate? The critic whose sole mission in life seems to be savaging the dreams of artists, curators and gallery owners everywhere? The critic who has learned, by heart, every possible snarky synonym for "bad" but couldn't spit out the word "good" even as flames licked at his stake-bound feet? Yes. "Mr. Art Critic" is that heinous guy.

New Year's Resolution for Art History Students, Teachers and Enthusiasts
Everyone who studies art history should make art.

Writing in Art History
A handout (in web form) all about writing an art history paper. From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Freedom of Expression at NEA
An education project funded, in part, by the American Bar Association (ABA). Legally expert eyes scrutinize and give overviews and synopses of happenings within the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), including US Supreme Court decisions. An extensive bibliography is included.

Know Your Enemies
A hyperlinked list of individuals and groups (none of whom are thrilled to be here, most likely) known to have "attacked" free expression in the arts.

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