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Visual Art Across the Ages


Here is where we discuss what got done in art, when, where and, often, why. You'll find some nice big timelines of art history, articles about individual movements, answers to some of your burning Art Speak questions, general homework help and more.
  1. Timelines of Art History
  2. Movements and Periods in Western Art History
  3. Art Speak Fluency

Timelines of Art History

Public domain image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

From the Paleolithic age to Post-9/11, here are 32,000 years' worth of artistic doings split into five easy pieces.

Movements and Periods in Western Art History

Photograph provided by Art.com; used with permission

Fast facts, dates, founding motives and characteristics for some of those named chunks of chronology you'll meet while navigating through art history.

Art Speak Fluency

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Because visual art has its own language, and most of us find translations to plain English useful.

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