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Medieval to Early Renaissance Art

It's plain wrong to think of the beginning of this period as the "Dark Ages". The years from around 400 to 1400, and a great deal more than just Medieval and Early Renaissance art, are covered. We will run into the Byzantine period(s), and Romanesque and Gothic styles here, as well as seeing the beginnings of Islamic art, the Renaissance and the acceptance of Christian art.

Outline of Art History - Medieval to Early Renaissance Art
A chronological outline of the different civilizations that created art from c.400 to 1400.

Medieval and Early Christian Art
A nice introduction to the nature and methodology of Early Christian art. This paragraph is accompanied by 7 selections of artwork, and courtesy of the Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan.

The Glory of Byzantium
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art comes this marvelous online exhibition, built around the actual event (held in 1997). Not only can you view works (within or without of the visual timeline), you can also investigate themes in Byzantine Art, read of Byzantium's history and access resources for educators. Wonderful site!

The Islamic Collection
An extensive collection of Islamic art, dating from the 7th to the 19th centuries, and encompassing territory from Spain to India. Use the map to select a region, wait patiently for the page to load (it's worth it) and view the thumbnails that emerge. Each is hyperlinked to a larger image with further information.

Medieval Paintings in the South of France
This comprehensive site, designed by the French Ministry of Culture, has lots of examples of Early Medieval painting. Great for seeing that which characterized this period's art, and the examples are sorted into secular and religious offerings. There's also an online "tour" of painted period chapels, in and around Nice, from the Alps to the sea.

Web Gallery: Gothic Section
Emil and Daniel score high marks again for their fabulous Web Gallery. Here they've got pages and pages of Gothic architectural sculptures and tombs, and slightly more pages of illuminated manuscripts. The images are superbly photographed. Select "Tours" at the top, then scroll down to "#10 - International Gothic".

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