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A Guide to Leonardo and His Art in The Da Vinci Code - Questions and Answers


Since The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003, it has - no matter what anyone may think of it as literature - become a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Now a major motion picture, the book's intriguing fictional plot line has spawned both imitation novels and some 40 works of non-fiction written to refute elements found in The Code. It has also managed to raise questions in the minds of nearly everyone who's read it. In response to your emails, I've been publishing answers to questions about Leonardo and his art as found in The Da Vinci Code since 2003. They are here assembled, side by side and illustrated with works by Leonardo.

Please remember: this is an Art History site. We're covering art and an artist. If you have questions about murderous albino monks, Gnostic Gospels or Secret Societies, you'll have to go elsewhere. If you need art historic information about The Da Vinci Code, I hope what follows is helpful.
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(Cropped) PD image courtesy Wikimedia Commons; CC licenseHave You Read the Book?Leonardo da Vinci - Storm in an Alpine Valley, ca. 1508-10How Much of the Book is True?Workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio - Tobias and the Angel, 1470-80What Was Leonardo's Name?Leonardo da Vinci - Self-Portrait, ca. 1512What Did Leonardo Look Like?
Francesco Melzi - Portrait of Leonardo, after 1510Was Leonardo Gay?Image courtesy Museum Store Company™; Used with permission.Did Leonardo Write in Code?Public Domain image courtesy Wikimedia CommonsHow Much Art Makes Up an "Enormous Output?"Image source ArtprintCollection.com; Used with permissionHow Many Vatican Commissions Did Leonardo Get?
Image source ArtprintCollection.com; Used with permissionAndrogynous Anagram of Egyptian God Names?
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