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Leonardo da Vinci

To learn more about Leonardo da Vinci's life and works, here are biographies, articles and links to images of his paintings, sculpture, architecture, designs, inventions and notebooks. Enjoy!
  1. Leonardo's Last Supper

La Bella Principessa by Leonardo da Vinci
This little portrait made big news on October 12, 2009 when Leonardo experts confidently attributed it to the Florentine Master based on forensic evidence.

Leonardo da Vinci - The Paintings
A chronological survey of Leonardo da Vinci's work as a painter, from his earliest 1470s efforts as an apprentice in Verrocchio's workshop, to his final painted piece, St. John the Baptist (1513-16).

Leonardo da Vinci Timeline
An in-depth, year by year guide to Leonardo da Vinci's life and the people and events that affected it.

Leonardo da Vinci Discussion Questions
Points to ponder after learning about Leonardo's life and work.

A Guide to Leonardo and His Art in The Da Vinci Code - Questions and Answers
An Art History Guide to Leonardo and Art in The Da Vinci Code - Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Leonardo da Vinci

New Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci Found!
Maike Vogt-Lüerssen, author of the recent book "Who is Mona Lisa? In search of her identity", has very generously shared an article here.

Mark Harden's Artchive - Leonardo da Vinci
Contains a biography, suggestions for further reading, and scroll down the page for an extensive, chronologically arranged image library.

Leonardo da Vinci
The Web Gallery of Art has (no surprise) an entire section devoted to our guy Leonardo. Works are arranged by date, for his paintings, and by medium for everything else. Excellent.

Exploring Leonardo
A resource for teachers and students developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. Although it's written towards an audience of 9 to 13 year olds, everything on the site could easily be adapted for younger (or older) students.

Leonardo da Vinci's Horse
The story of how, after a 500-year interval, the equestrian monument Leonardo had planned (and made the clay model for) was finally cast in bronze and installed in Milan. Here, too, are the details surrounding the horse's second casting and installation in the United States. All sorts of teaching resources are included.

Weirdo Leonardo
A site devoted to the more strange and disturbing of Leonardo's works, including anatomical drawings and speculation about his "orientation". For this reason - as the site's author clearly notes - the material here is not recommended for children.

Salvator Mundi - The Newly Attributed Leonardo da Vinci Painting
Previously, this panel was thought to exist only as copies and one detailed, 1650 etching by Wenceslaus Hollar (Bohemian, 1607-1677). This was a real jaw-dropper; the last painting by Leonardo to be authenticated was the Hermitage's Benois Madonna in 1909.

Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan
Contained more than 60 paintings and drawings by the Master, along with paintings by his pupils and collaborators. Almost all of Leonardo's surviving Milanese works were reunited --including two that have never been in the same room before: the National Gallery's The Virgin of the Rocks (ca. 1491/2-99 and 1506-08) and the Louvre's The Virgin of...

Was Leonardo a Vegetarian?
Leonardo seems to have become everyone's favorite celebrity spokesman for vegetarianism, but did he really eat a meat-free diet? There aren't actually that many facts saying either "yea" or "nay." Let's examine the few pieces of evidence we have that are backed up with sources, so that you can decide for yourself.

Artists' Quotes: Leonardo da Vinci
Quotes on art from Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

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