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This page is your portal to noteworthy image collections, and a good place to search for the specific piece you're trying to find. Sites listed here include online libraries and other projects dedicated to making great works of art instantly available to the public. Please note that many images are in "thumbnail" format, which means that clicking on that tiny picture should get you a much larger view.
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How To Read an Image Caption
Most art museum and art history sites are loaded with images and their captions. And just as every picture tells a story, so does its caption. That which follows is a step by step tutorial to decode the sometimes quite numerous elements of an image caption, along with explanations of why each is (1) included and (2) important.

Mark Harden's Artchive
An amazing site, not only for the vast resources found here, but also the sheer amount of time Mark must have logged in its creation and maintenance. An alphabetical listing of artists - and, subsequently, their individual works - is found by staying on the "Artchive" path.

Web Gallery of Art
The Web Gallery of Art contains over 11,600 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. Additionally, the authors have created a virtual museum of the fine arts of Hungary within the site. If you have the artist's name, your best bet is utilizing the alphabetical index at the left.

AICT - Art Images for College Teaching
AICT is a free-access, free-use image resource for the educational community. The public is also welcome to browse (and use) images, as long as use is educational and non-profit in nature. Images are classified according to four historical eras in Western art, from Paleolithic times to the 20th century, and a fifth category of non-western art.

WorldArt Web Kiosk
This image database allows you to search - by title, century, medium, or artist name - over 30,000 images from throughout the world. Again, free-use is permitted for educational, non-profit projects. The site creators are in the process of making all images "zoomable", a nice feature for which you'll need the Flash Player.

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