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Along with Art History 101 articles in chronological order, this category contains help and advice for Art History students; FAQs; a glossary of art terms; resources for collectors, job hunters, scholars, educators and parents; art appreciation; and reference and reading material.
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How to Write an Art History Paper
Advice on how to write an art history paper, written by an art history professor, offering dos and don'ts that will help you complete the assignment on time. Appropriate for high school and college students.

Art History Paper Topics - 15 Ideas and Examples
Midterms are over and your art history professor wants an essay on art - now what? Here is a list of topics that might fire you up for the task. Click on the titles to find sample essays, and be sure to read " How to Write an Art History Paper " to learn about researching and writing your paper.

Will You Help Me Write My Paper?
Before you send an email asking this question, please read these tips and suggestions.

Famous Names in Art - Alphabetical Index
Every artist that has a biographical entry of his or her own is listed here.

A Tribute to Art Collector Roy R. Neuberger (1903-2010)
The American art collector Roy R. Neuberger passed away on Christmas Eve 2010. He made his fortune on Wall Street through his own asset management company Neuberger and Berman, and amassed an enormous collection of modern and contemporary art that he liberally lent and donated to museums around the world. The Neuberger Museum of Art at Purchase...

Taking or Teaching Art History Courses Online: Is It Right for You?
Now is a good time to take an art history course or teach one online. Taking or teaching art history courses has many benefits and can be very satisfying. Online courses save money and gas too. And you can attend class in your pajamas.

Funk Art - Art History 101 Basics
Funk Art's heyday was in the mid- to late-1960s. Naturally, its beginnings were much earlier; the (very) late-1950s seem to be the point of origin. By the end of the 1970s, things were pretty much over as far as artistic movements go. To include all possibilities, we can say Funk Art was produced for no more than two decades -- and 15 years...

Why Should I Study Art History?
Five compelling reasons that your art history class benefits you.

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