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Untitled, 1955

Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-2008)


© Robert Rauschenberg / Adagp, Paris, 2006; Used with permission

Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925-2008). Untitled, 1955. Combine painting. 39.3 x 52.7 cm (15 1/2 x 20 3/4 in.). Jasper Johns Collection.

© Robert Rauschenberg / Adagp, Paris, 2006
Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns (from whose collection this piece is borrowed) had a powerful creative effect on one another. Two Southerners in New York City, they became friends in the early 1950s and, in fact, once paid their bills designing department store windows together under the name "Matson-Jones." When they began to share studio space in the mid-1950s, each artist respectively entered that which is arguably his most innovative, prolific, well-known-today phase.

"He was kind of an enfant terrible at the time, and I thought of him as an accomplished professional. He'd already had a number of shows, knew everybody, had been to Black Mountain College working with all those avant-garde people." - Jasper Johns on meeting Robert Rauschenberg, in Grace Glueck, "Interview with Robert Rauschenberg," NY Times (October 1977).

Untitled combines oil paint, crayon, pastel, paper, fabric, print reproductions, photographs and cardboard on wood.
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