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Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome

Traveling June 17, 2011-January 8, 2012 to Ottawa, Canada and Fort Worth


Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome dispels the notion that we somehow "discovered" the artist in the modern age. Though his career was relatively short, the work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) had a profound influence on his contemporary artists during the first three decades of the 17th century. Of the more than 50 works in this exhibition, over 40 are from European painters who were infected with Caravaggio's sense of drama. The remaining ten canvases are from the Master himself -- the largest gathering of his work in North America since 1985.

Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome was jointly organized by by the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and the Kimbell Art Museum, Forth Worth.
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Caravaggio - Sick Bacchus, 1593-94Sick Bacchus, 1593-94Caravaggio - Saint Francis in Ecstasy, ca. 1594-95Saint Francis in Ecstasy, ca. 1594-95Caravaggio - Boy Bitten by a Lizard, 1594-96Boy Bitten by a Lizard, 1594-96Caravaggio - The Cardsharps, ca. 1595The Cardsharps, ca. 1595
Caravaggio - The Gypsy Fortune Teller, ca. 1595The Gypsy Fortune Teller, ca. 1595Caravaggio - The Musicians, ca. 1595The Musicians, ca. 1595Caravaggio - Martha and Mary Magdalene, ca. 1598Martha and Mary Magdalene, ca. 1598Caravaggio - Sacrifice of Isaac, 1602-03Sacrifice of Isaac, 1602-03
Caravaggio - Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness, 1604-05Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness, 1604-05Orazio Gentileschi - Saint Francis in Ecstasy, ca. 1607Saint Francis in Ecstasy, ca. 1607Theodor Rombouts - A Lute Player, ca. 1620A Lute Player, ca. 1620Simon Vouet - The Fortune Teller, ca. 1620The Fortune Teller, ca. 1620
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