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Art History by Culture or Group

Look here for groups - such as the Celts, the Vikings, or half the human population (women) - who create(d) art without regard to geographic borders.
  1. Women Artists (16)

Viking Art
Lots of information, including the motifs, techniques and materials of Viking ornamentation styles. The images are quite good, and there is also a section about those mysterious Viking picture stones.

Native American Indian Art
Native art is a huge subject, given the number of tribes and the many different materials they have used - and presently use - to create works of art. This site tackles all with style and aplomb. Not only are there lots of things to look at, the rationale behind the works is clearly explained from a Native point of view.

Remembering Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami through Art
The art gallery in Japan Society in New York opened their exhibition Bye Bye Kitty: Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art one week after Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. The exhibition was meant to reflect Japan's worries and perpetual state of insecurity, which contradicts the sunny appearance of kawaii...

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