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Do-It-Yourself Marilyn Monroe Coloring Page

Make Your Own Marilyn Series (Andy Warhol Did!)


Do-It-Yourself Marilyn Monroe Coloring Page

Do-It-Yourself Marilyn

About this Work:

A few days after actress Marilyn Monroe committed suicide in 1962, Andy Warhol stumbled across a publicity still of Monroe in a second-hand store. The original image had been shot by an unnamed 20th Century Fox Studios photographer for the 1953 thriller feature film Niagara, and was a half-length portrait that displayed Miss Monroe's considerable charms in a halter top.

Warhol bought the photographic copy, then cropped, enlarged and reproduced it on eight canvases via the silk screening process. On each of these eight canvases, he over-painted a completely different color scheme in acrylics. These (now world famous) Marilyns formed the nucleus of Warhol's first ever solo New York exhibition and, along with Elvis Presley, dollar bills and a certain brand of soup's cans, launched his Pop Art career.

As you can see with Lemon Marilyn (1962), there is no wrong way to go when choosing your own color scheme. In fact, Warhol revisited his Marilyn Series several times over the next 20 years and made some rather curious choices of his own (think: pumpkin, black-brown and lime green). One is left supposing that your Do-It-Yourself Marilyn could be a pirate or a ninja, wear a fright wig or undergo the star treatment with some glitter, sequins and, possibly, a few glued-on feathers.


Friendly Words of Advice:

Printable coloring pages are provided here for three reasons:

  • To help kinesthetic and visual learners enjoy studying art history.
  • To aid educators, parents and caregivers in providing learning activities.
  • For pleasure.

Please take the third reason to heart if you are working with young artists, and do not correct their work. Creativity is a fragile bud that needs to be nurtured unconditionally, not bent to an adult's ideals.

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