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Ancient Art - 30,000 BC to c. 400 AD

This section contains art history articles, links and resources for the period covering 30,000 BC (the Old Stone Age) to roughly around the Fall of the Roman Empire. Both Western (including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, among others) and non-western (China, Japan, India, North America, etc.) civilizations are included.

Outline of Art History - Ancient Art
A chronological outline of the different eras and civilizations that created art from 30,000 BC to c.400 AD.

Standing Stones
An introduction to megalithic sites in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Lots of great images here, especially of Stonehenge.

Oriental Antiquities at the Louvre
Actually, this online exhibit covers the art of Mesopotamia and Anatolia, among others. Click on the "Selected works" option to view the collections.

NOVA Online - Pyramids
Explore one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Worlds in cyberspace. Some of the best online images available of these famous, Old Kingdom Egyptian pyramids.

Age of Amarna
From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, comes a visually lovely slide show of art from the Amarna Age in ancient Egypt. View exhibition highlights and see why this brief, glorious period was so glorious.

Perseus Art and Archaeology
View Archaic and Classical Greek architecture, coins, vases and sculptures, in this extensive catalogue from Tufts University.

Greek and Roman Art
An introduction to Greek and Roman art, brought to you by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which really employs good photographers - these images are wonderful!). View a collection of 50 highlights and learn about these two Classical cultures.

Dead Romans
Tim Ryan started this site in 1996 as a virtual walk-through of the Colosseum. He's expanded it many times since, and now offers you other tours of Roman ruins, Roman coins, an art gallery and information about those entertaining Emperors. Nicely done!

Olmec Art
Part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, here are 8 examples of Olmec Art dating from 1000 BC to 1 BC. But wait! There's more! See also the selections for the Maya Area and Central America, for additional Mesoamerican art.

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