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Surrealism - Definition of Art History Terms - About.com
Their leader, the "Pope of Surrealism," was French writer André Breton (1896- 1966), who joined fellow writers Philippe Soupault, Louis Aragon, Paul Éluard, and ...
Special Exhibition Review: Surrealism USA - Art History - About.com
About the show: Surrealism is in full bloom this Spring 2005 with three major special exhibitions on the East Coast. Surrealism USA, a real feast for the eyes in  ...
Joan Miro Biography - Spanish Surrealism Artist
Additionally, his style progressed quickly beyond Surrealism during the 1920's, and became ever more abstract with the passing decades. Date and Place of ...
What is Surrealism? Video
Surrealism was a 20th century art movement that tried to represent the subconscious mind. This video from About.com will give you a brief overview of the ...
Art Glossary: Surrealism - Painting - About.com
An explanation of what the Surrealism school of art entails.
Surrealism: Definition - Classic Literature in Translation - About.com
In accounts of the history of art and writing, "Surrealism" refers to a group of poets , painters, and sculptors who were originally based in continental Europe.
Surrealism - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
Definition: Surrealism was a 20th century art movement which focused on depicting the very bizarre and strange things which one would never encounter in real ...
The Influence of Photography and Surrealism on Georgia O'Keeffe
O'Keeffe was inspired by photography to fill the frame, and by Surrealism to express her inner psyche.
The Lowbrow Movement in Art History - About.com
Similar stories exist about Dada, Expressionism, Surrealism, Fauvism, the Indian River School, Realism, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood...aw, gee whiz. It'd be ...
Dada Art - History of Dadaism (1916-1923) - About.com
The best-known movement Dada was directly responsible for is Surrealism. Dada self-destructed when it was in danger of becoming "acceptable".
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