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La Bella Principessa by Leonardo da Vinci - Art History - About.com
Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519). ... And then the real fun started because Silverman had bid on this drawing at the 1998 auction suspecting, ...
The Vitruvian Man - Leonardo Da Vinci - About.com
Leonardo Da Vinci squared the circle. ... Schröer uses Leonardo's drawing to mathematically extend infinite sets of squares and circles of unequal area from ...
About Art History: In Pursuit of the Real Leonardo da Vinci
A group of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci forms the nucleus of a special exhibition that examines how other artists and scholars interpreted and were influenced ...
The Inventions of Leonardo DaVinci - Inventors - About.com
Leonardo DaVinci the renaissance man and one of the most famous artists in the world was also an incredible inventor. This gallery is full of drawings made by ...
Leonardo da Vinci on Drawing - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Discover some of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing and find quotes from Leonardo's notebooks. Learn what Leonardo had to say about art and drawing.
Leonardo da Vinci - Old Master Drawings - Drawing/Sketching
Leonardo da Vinci drawings - a collection of image sources and essays on the drawings of Leonardo da ... Leonardo da Vinci - drawing with the great master.
Leonardo da Vinci on Drawing Everything - Drawing/Sketching
Leonardo da Vinci was a very versatile artist. According to him, if you can't draw pretty much everything, you probably shouldn't call yourself a painter! Find out ...
Leonardo da Vinci on Perspective - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Everything else is build upon the foundation of perspective drawing. Read what ... Study for the Adoration of the Magi, Detail, by Leonardo da Vinci - (. This detail  ...
Where to See Leonardo da Vinci Art Works in Italy
Painter, scientist, architect, and Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci left his imprint all over Italy in frescoes, buildings, drawings, and prototypes and blueprints ...
Artillery Park Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci - Inventors - About.com
An Artillery Park is a 1487 drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.
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