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Art History 101 - About.com
Along with Art History 101 articles in chronological order, this category contains help and advice for Art History students; FAQs; a glossary of art terms; resources  ...
About Art History - Art History 101
Art History 101 - A Brisk Walk Through the Eras · A quick overview of the entirety of Art History, also known as "32,000 Years in 16,000 Characters or Less".
Art History 101 - A Brisk Walk Through the Eras
A quick overview of the entirety of Art History, also known as "32000 Years in 16000 Characters or Less".
Junk Art - Art History 101 Basics - About.com
Junk Art became an "official" movement when the critic Lawrence Alloway assigned those two words to one of Robert Rauschenberg's combines in the ...
Realism - Art History 101 Basics - About.com
For too long the workers, peasants, and laborers of life were never the subject of art. Why? For one thing, common people never had the money to commission ...
The Baroque - Art History 101 Basics - About.com
A term now generally used to describe art in Europe between ca. 1600 and ca. 1750. It is broadly accepted today that 'Baroque' implies dynamism and ...
Neo-Classicism - Art History 101 Basics - About.com
Now understood to describe the classicizing style which evolved in European art of the later 18th and early 19th centuries in reaction to the florid sensuality of ...
Art History 101 - Greek Art (An Overview)
As happened centuries later with a handful of Renaissance painters, ancient Greek art tends to be thought of in vague terms of vases, statues and architecture  ...
The Renaissance Art Period - About.com Art History
... Proto-Renaissance - Art History 101 Basics. 5. Renaissance. Art History Art History 101 ... Art History Expert. We all know what the Renaissance was, correct ?
The History of Pop Art (1950s-1970s) - Art History - About.com
Pop Art was a post WWII reaction to American consumerism. By bridging high and low culture they ... Pop Art - Art History 101 Basics. Mid-1950s to Early 1970s .
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