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Art History in Passing: 2005

Listed chronologically, here are notable figures from the art world who left us in the year 2005. Regardless of that which each created, curated, donated, sold, bought, taught or wrote about, all contributed to our common artistic history. They will be missed.

Artist, Art Historian, Curator, Art Collector and Patron Deaths in 2005

-- January 2005 ------------------
Paul Michaelis, 90 
German painter and graphic artist
      Known for Socialist Realism portraiture; taught
      painting at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
      from 1952 to 1980. 
Edo Murtić, 83
Croatian painter
      Abstract expressionist and academician of the
      Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Frank Kelly Freas, 82 
American illustrator
      Eleven-time Hugo Award winning illustrator
      of cover and interior art for science fiction;
      an official NASA mission artist; also known 
      for MAD magazine work. Elected a Fellow of the
      International Association of Astronomical Artists
      in 2000.
Will Eisner, 87
American comic and sequential artist
      Legendary in comic and sequential art circles
      for his nearly seventy-years' career, as well
      as discovering and mentoring new talent in the
      field. Best known for "The Spirit," a character
      he both wrote and drew. The "Oscars" of the
      comic book industry, The Will Eisner Comic
      Industry Awards, are so named in his honor.
Alton Tobey, 90
American painter and teacher
Guy Davenport, 77
American painter, draftsman and writer
      Known for his essays on visual art and his
     1989 authorship of A Balthus Notebook.
Fritz Aigner, 74
Austrian painter
     Part of the mid-60s "new Danube" school; drew
     his inspiration from the Baroque masters, mixed
     with Surrealism and Magic Realism.
Edmund S. Valtman, 90
Estonian-born American editorial cartoonist
     Won the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial
Conroy Maddox, 92
British painter
     Discovered Surrealism by chance in 1935 and 
     became its most enthusiastic (and last
     surviving, original) British supporter. Maddox had
     works seized by Scotland Yard during WWII,
     under the suspicion that his paintings contained
     coded messages to the enemy.   
Fred Julsing, 62
Dutch comic and sequential artist
      Got his start under Marten Toonder working 
      on "Tom Poes." Best known for his "Wellington
      Wish," "De Broertjes Samovarof & Co" and
     "Ukkie" series.
Dan Lee, 35
Canadian animator
      After animating elsewhere, joined Pixar in 1996
      and became the creator of the title character
      in "Finding Nemo."
Hildegard  Joos, 95
Austrian painter
      The "Grand Lady" of Abstract Expressionist
      painting in Austria, Joos was known for her 
      Constructivist compositions. She became a
      member of the Viennese Secession in 1954.
Jesús-Rafael Soto, 81
Venezuelan painter, sculptor and kinetic artist
Philip Johnson, 98
American architect, critic and collector
Max Velthuijs, 81
Dutch illustrator
Dieter Zehentmayr, 63
Austrian illustrator
      Humorous caricaturist for the Vienna-based
      daily "Standard" and "Berliner Zeitung."
Aurélie Nemours, 94
French painter
Yutsuko Chusonji, 42
Japanese manga artist
-- February 2005 -------------------
Nils Egerbrandt, 78
Swedish comic and sequential artist
      Best known for the satirical strip "91:an 
      Karlsson." Egerbrandt took this over from
      original creator Rudolf Petersson when the 
      latter retired in the 1960s.
Paul Rebeyrolle, 78
French painter
Marthe Wéry, 75
Belgian painter
Fritz Scholder, 67
American painter, printmaker, photographer and teacher
Dudu Geva, 54
Israeli comic and sequential artist, illustrator and writer
Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence, 91
American painter
Harald Szeemann, 71
Swiss curator
Zdzisław Beksiński, 75
Polish painter
Umberto Manfrin ("Manberto"), 77
Italian comic and sequential artist
-- March 2005 ---------------------
Don Celender, 73
American conceptual artist
Vance Gerry, 75
American animation artist and writer
      Disney storyman, layout artist and visual
      development artist since 1955, Gerry worked 
      on classics from "101 Dalmations" to "Home
      on the Range."
Hal Seeger, 87
American animation artist
Akira Yoshizawa, 94
Japanese origami master
      Credited with elevating origami from a craft to
      a fine art, he created over 50,000 models and
      the notation system for their folds. Yoshizawa
      pioneered the "wet" folding system, and was
      named to the Order of the Rising Sun by 
      Emperor Hirohito in 1983.
Judith Scott, 62
American fiber artist
       Born with Down's syndrome and deaf, Scott
       began attending the Creative Growth Art
       Center in 1987. She began creating cardboard
       cones (and other found objects, including
       sticks) wrapped with yarn that became
       popular in "Outsider Art" circles, commanding
       high prices with collectors.
Ralph Erskine, 91
English architect active in Sweden
Walter Hopps, 72
American curator and gallery founder
 Kenzō Tange, 81
Japanese architect, urban planner and writer
-- April 2005 -------------------------
Dale Messick, 98
American comic and sequential artist
      Creator of "Brenda Starr, Reporter." Messick
      was the first female comic artist in the U.S.
      to be syndicated (after changing her given
      name of "Dalia" to "Dale").
Neil Welliver, 75
American painter
Gene Hazelton, 85
American animator and comic and sequential artist
Carl Abrahams, 93
Jamaican painter
      Got his start as a commercial artist and
      cartoonist but, at the urging of Augustus John,
      began painting full-time after service in WWII.
      Abrahams is remembered as a pillar of 20th-
      century Jamaican art.
Chen Yifei, 59
Chinese painter, ceramist and film maker
André François, 89
Romanian-born French illustrator and cartoonist
Peter Bramley, 60
American underground Comix artist and illustrator
      Illustrated for everyone from "Sesame Street"
      to the New York Times, but best known as the
      first Art Director of National Lampoon magazine
      and creator of "Vinny Shinblind, the Invisible 
      Sex Maniac."
Philip Pavia, 94
American sculptor
Libby Dengrove, 86
American draftswoman
      Courtroom sketch artist for NBC News from
      1972 to 1987. You saw her work if you followed
      the "Son of Sam," "Murder at the Met," 
      Jonestown massacre or John Lennon
      deportation hearings - among many others.
John Laurent, 83
American painter
John Hultberg, 83
American painter and poet
James A. Houston, 83
Canadian iluustrator
Joan Brassil, 85
Australian sculptor, video, installation and sound artist
Clement Meadmore, 76
Australian-born American sculptor
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 81
British sculptor, collagist, printmaker, film maker and writer
Emil "Zeke" Zekley, 90
American cartoonist
-- May  2005 -------------------------
Jonathan Thomas, 59
Canadian sculptor
      Known for his wood pulp, resin, and steel 
      totemic abstractions. Thomas was also the
      partner of playwright Edward Albee for 33 years.
Robert Slutzky, 75
American painter and architectural theorist
Joe Grant, 96
American animation artist and writer
Jim Love, 77
American sculptor
Paul Cassidy, 94
American illustrator, comic and sequential artist
      First "ghost" artist hired by Joe Shuster to help
      with the "Superman" daily strip in the late
      1930s. Initially responsible only for inking and
      detail work, Cassidy created the "S" symbol
      that is now known around the world.
Piero Dorazio, 77
Italian painter
Eduardo Teixeira Coelho, 86
Portuguese-born European comic and sequential artist
William Lieberman, 82
American museum curator and department chairman
-- June 2005 --------------------------
Al Loving, 69
American painter and collagist
Rowland Wilson, 74
American cartoonist
-- July 2005 -------------------------
Pietro Consagra, 85
Italian sculptor
Franz Weissmann, 93
Brazilian sculptor
Jesse Riechek, 89
American painter
Al Held, 76
American painter and teacher
John Montias, 76
American art historian
Carl Beam, 62
Canadian Ojibwa draftsman, painter, ceramist and installation artist
-- August 2005 ------------------------
Jane Lawrence Smith, 90
American actress and singer
-- September 2005 -------------------
Lea Nikel, 86
Ukrainian-born Israeli painter
Henryk Tomaszewski, 91
Polish graphic artist
Pol Bury, 83
Belgian sculptor and painter
Brett Kebble, 41
South African visual arts patron
Patrick Joseph Caulfield, 69
English painter and printmaker
-- October 2005 ----------------------
Esther Parada, 67
American mixed and multi-media artist, Professor in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Jean-Michel Folon, 71
Belgian illustrator
John Bowes, 77
American collector
-- November 2005 -------------------
Reginald Gammon, 84
American painter, printmaker and educator
      Known for his civil rights activism in the 1960s,
      Gammon was a founding member of the
      artist collective "Spiral" and joined the Black 
      Emergency Cultural Coalition in 1969. His works
      often centered on social injustice.
R. C. Gorman, 74
American Navajo painter and sculptor
      Son of the late Navajo Code Talker Carl Gorman,
      R. C. became famous for his depictions of
      Navajo women.
Talmadge Davis, 43
American Cherokee painter
      Best known for his paintings of Cherokee history,
      soldiers and hunters, Davis was awarded the
      title Master Artist by the Five Civilized Tribes
      Museum, and the Cherokee Medal of Honor.
Donald Watson, 87
British painter
Ann Wyeth McCoy, 90
American painter, pianist and composer
      N. C.'s youngest daughter, Andrew's sister and 
      Jamie's aunt, Ms. McCoy was an interior and
      landscape watercolorist in her own right.
E. Thomas Casey, 81
American architect
Patrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield, 66
British photographer
Stan Berenstain, 82
American illustrator
-- December 2005 -------------------
Lillian Browse, 99
British art dealer, historian and author
Atsuko Tanaka, 73
Japanese performance artist, painter and draftswoman
Charles O. McElmurry, 84
American illustrator and designer
Sydney Leff, 104
American illustrator
      Decorated sheet music covers for hundreds of
      popular songs during the Golden Age of Tin Pan
      Alley. He was a vocational art school classmate 
      of Al Hirschfeld's, and the illustrator Irving Berlin
      asked for when he had a new tune to publish.
Alan Shields, 61
American three-dimensional collagist
James Ingo Freed, 75
American architect
      Lead designer of the United States Holocaust
      Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.
Boris Taslitzky, 94
French painter
      A figurative painter during Modernism's heyday,
      Taslitzky was faithful to Social Realism through-
      out his career. He was a registered Communist,
      WWII veteran, member of the Resistance, Nazi
      concentration camp survivor and left-wing
      sympathizer, appointed a chevalier of the Légion
      d'Honneur in 1997. He is perhaps best known for
      his101 Drawings Made in Buchenwald, executed
      on scraps of stolen SS paper.    
Rafael Fornés Collado, 88
Cuban comic and sequential artist
      Wrote "Jose Delores" back in the latter 1930s,
      and "Don Sabino" for the daily Revolution from
      1957 to 1963.
Julian "Bud" Blake, 87
American comic and sequential artist
      Best known for his comic strip "Tiger," which
      launched in 1965, ran until 2003 and was
      syndicated in nearly 400 newspapers at its
Maurice Dodd, 83
British comic and sequential artist
      Creator of "The Perishers" strip which 
      has appeared in The Daily Mirror since 1958.
So long, and thanks for all the art.

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