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Mentor Huebner: One Artist Show
Twelve Paintings, with Commentary by Louise Huebner
Painting #11: Bourbon Street

Mentor Huebner
Bourbon Street, 1953
Oil on Masonite
22 X 26 inches
© Louise Huebner

If Bourbon Street was in Los Angeles instead of New Orleans, I wouldn't have been with Mentor when he painted it.

I would usually accompany Mentor if he painted landscapes and seascapes, but not cityscapes. Out of town it was easier to hang out with him. As it had always been ~ pre-kids. We could go anywhere. We were like turtles and carried everything we needed in the car. It was our home away from home ~ and very cozy.

But in LA Mentor liked to paint docks and construction sites. There weren't too many conveniences. And it seemed the best views were always found around the bases of bridges in 'bad' neighborhoods. Gangland. Mentor always drew crowds. "Hey Man! You an artist or something? How much you want for that?"

Mentor boxed for fun and was confident. "You can’t afford the brush." I’d warn him later about his being so flip and he'd say, "I can take care of myself." And he could. But why trigger the experience?

The art-loving gang member, after standing around quietly for a few minutes looking serious, had called out to the others, "Let’s go, the guy’s busy." Then as they walked away the leader, in a moment of relating, turned to give Mentor a last good-bye, and with a touching cultural rapport added, “Looks good, Man. Just like a photo."

Mentor grunted and gave a non-committal nod, as painting "Just like a photo" wasn't where it was at for him. But he understood the compliment.

In LA it was always tricky ... painting in the streets. Not everyone likes art. And then there's the traffic. LA’s traffic is heavy during the day. Even the foot traffic. But in New Orleans the night explodes. The streets fill up. It looks pretty much like 42nd Street in New York City on New Year's Eve.

This painting depicts a peaceful moment of time. Although it was quiet at the start, and the street was practically empty, Mentor knew he had to race and work very fast to finish the painting and get it off the street before any happy mob showed up.

This day, this painting attracted no gang critique. Instead, a lonely saxophone wailed for hours from a balcony above.

Each, offered as a gift, was equal in charm.

© 2005 Louise Huebner

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From Your Guide: Mentor’s widow, Louise Huebner, is a writer, and the author of over 11 books about the Occult. She has the dubious honor of being the only officially appointed Official Witch in the world. She was designated Official Witch of Los Angeles during a Spell Cast at the Hollywood Bowl, where she had been 'booked' to increase the 'sexual vitality' of Los Angeles County's 78 cities. This event took place on "Folklore Day," during a concert in a series of Hollywood Bowl Concerts: "Twelve Summer Sundays at the Bowl." The 'Official Certificate' was inadvertently legal, having been signed by the Chairman of the Board of the Los Angeles County Supervisors and affixed with the County Seal.

Mentor and Louise are the parents of three children (a son, and twins: a son and a daughter) and the grandparents of six (four boys and two girls). Louise is quick to say,

"All the kids are very good looking, intelligent and talented," and adds,

"But then, why not?"


The Mentor Huebner Art Gallery is located in the Medford International Airport, Medford, Oregon.

The Mentor Huebner Official Website: http://www.MentorHuebnerArt.com

Louise Huebner - Curator: LouiseHuebner@MentorHuebnerArt.com

Sale or Exhibition Information regarding Paintings and Drawings (Originals, Giclées or Prints), Fine Art or Film Production Art can be obtained by emailing Louise Huebner.


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