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Mentor Huebner: One Artist Show
Twelve Paintings, with Commentary by Louise Huebner
Painting #3: Palace of Fun

Mentor Huebner
Palace of Fun, 1955
Oil on Masonite
24 X 30 inches
© Louise Huebner

Visitors to Southern California from countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, or from the Middle East, and especially Spain would all insist the vistas in Southern California paralleled landscapes in their own countries. It made them feel sentimental. Mentor's film locations took him around the world and he agreed; Southern California indeed resembled those countries.

And when we were in Spain, we too were struck with sentiment based upon its 'look.' The coastline of Spain, with its ancient Moorish forts and castles always reminded us of home. Still, Mentor painted Palace of Fun several years before he'd ever left the USA. The long shot view of the Amusement Park Pier reminded him of castles in Spain. Without ever having seen them.

He loved the beaches in Southern California and, over the years, painted them from every angle. Mentor painted every week. Although Mentor painted on Sundays, he wasn't a Sunday painter. Painting was his life, not his hobby. He worked in the film industry only for money so as not to 'sellout' his personal style and to be able to paint whatever he wanted to paint. No art collector could ever lure him with enough money to paint what they dictated. "I'm my own benefactor. I support my own art." He never painted to please anyone except himself, and followed no fad.

When he painted this long view of the Amusement Park, he was unaware that we would return frequently, to the very spot, and picnic there with three children, ours. The area offers a wide expanse of clean sand and is perfect for kids.

Our first-born son, as a toddler, loved it there. The minute we arrived, he would gleefully race to the other end of the beach ~ really fast. But having won medals at track, Mentor would always catch him before he could disappear into the Amusement Park. Appearing to be indifferent, Mentor would give the kid a quarter of a mile lead. Then, when our son was caught, Mentor returned to his painting.

In time paintings and picnics parted.

It was better that way.

© 2005 Louise Huebner

Mentor Huebner's One Artist Show
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From Your Guide: Mentor’s widow, Louise Huebner, is a writer, and the author of over 11 books about the Occult. She has the dubious honor of being the only officially appointed Official Witch in the world. She was designated Official Witch of Los Angeles during a Spell Cast at the Hollywood Bowl, where she had been 'booked' to increase the 'sexual vitality' of Los Angeles County's 78 cities. This event took place on "Folklore Day," during a concert in a series of Hollywood Bowl Concerts: "Twelve Summer Sundays at the Bowl." The 'Official Certificate' was inadvertently legal, having been signed by the Chairman of the Board of the Los Angeles County Supervisors and affixed with the County Seal.

Mentor and Louise are the parents of three children (a son, and twins: a son and a daughter) and the grandparents of six (four boys and two girls). Louise is quick to say,

"All the kids are very good looking, intelligent and talented," and adds,

"But then, why not?"


The Mentor Huebner Art Gallery is located in the Medford International Airport, Medford, Oregon.

The Mentor Huebner Official Website: http://www.MentorHuebnerArt.com

Louise Huebner - Curator: LouiseHuebner@MentorHuebnerArt.com

Sale or Exhibition Information regarding Paintings and Drawings (Originals, Giclées or Prints), Fine Art or Film Production Art can be obtained by emailing Louise Huebner.


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