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Selected Dada Artists
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An alphabetical listing of visual (and literary) artists who worked in or were directly influenced by the Dada movement that arose in 1916. Hyperlinked names indicate a path to an individual's profile.

       Dada Visual Artists

Arp, Hans
Baader, Johannes
Baargeld, Johannes Theodor
Blumenfeld, Erwin
Crotti, Jean
Drier, Katherine Sophie
Duchamp, Marcel
Eggeling, Viking
Ernst, Max
Freytag-Loringhoven, Baroness Elsa von
Golyscheff, Jefim 
Grosz, George
Hausmann, Raoul
Heartfield, John
Höch, Hannah
Huelsenbeck, Richard
Janco, Marcel
Man Ray
Picabia, Francis
Prampolino, Enrico
Richter, Hans
Schad, Christian
Schamberg, Morton Livingston
Schwitters, Kurt
Stieglitz, Alfred
Taeuber-Arp, Sophie 
Tschichold, Jan
van Doesburg, Theo
van Rees, Adya
van Rees, Otto
Wood, Beatrice

      And the Dada Writers Who Spurred Them On

Aragon, Louis
Arensberg, Walter Conrad
Ball, Hugo
Breton, André
Cravan, Arthur (Fabian Avenarius Lloyd)
Einstein, Carl
Eluard, Paul
Evola, Julius
Friedlaender, Salomo (Mynona)
Hennings, Emmy
Herzfelde, Wieland
Iliazd (Ilia Zdanevich)
Josephson, Matthew
Jung, Franz
Loy, Mina
Mehring, Walter
Péret, Benjamin
Ribemont-Dessaignes, Georges
Serner, Walter
Soupault, Philippe
Spengemann, Christof
Tzara, Tristan (Samuel Rosenstock)


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