1. Education

Artists in 60 Seconds: Louise Nevelson


Movement, Style, School or Type of Art:

Abstract Expressionism

Date and Place of Birth:

September 23, 1900, Kiev, Russia


Louise Nevelson was a free-thinking woman, who knew from an early age that she'd be an artist. She studied art during 13 years of her only marriage, work that was met with disapproval by her spouse. Upon her divorce, she went abroad to study with a vengeance. Her sculptures were first shown in the 1930s, but she became known after embracing Abstract Expressionism and beginning to create large, predominantly wooden "found object" pieces.

Important Works:

  • Sky Cathedral, 1958
  • An American Tribute to the British People, 1960-65

Date and Place of Death:

April 17, 1988, New York City, New York

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