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Artists in 60 Seconds: Francisco de Goya


Photograph © The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Used with permission.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish, 1746–1828) Self-Portrait after Illness of 1792-93, ca. 1795-97 Brush and gray wash on paper 6 x 3 9/16 in. (15.3 x 9.1 cm) Photograph © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

© The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Movement, Style, School or Type of Art:

Rococo > Romantic

Date and Place of Birth:

March 30, 1746, Fuendetodos, Spain


Goya found great success as Painter to the King (of Spain) and produced wonderful portraits. One suspects he had much more fun producing satirical works, though, as well as pushing the limits at court with his nudes. The barely veiled social commentary he rendered in his later works served as a precursor of the Realism movement.

Important Works:

  • Charles IV and His Family, 1800
  • Nude Maja and Clothed Maja, 1804
  • The Third of May 1808 (from the Disasters of War series), 1810-14
  • Saturn Devouring One of His Sons, 1820-22

Date and Place of Death:

Night of April 15-16, 1828, Bordeaux, France

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