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Artists in 60 Seconds: Honoré Daumier


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Honoré Daumier (French, 1808-1879). The Third-Class Carriage, ca. 1863-65. Oil on canvas. 25 3/4 x 35 1/2 in. (65.4 x 90.2 cm). H.O. Havermeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H.O. Havermeyer, 1929.

© The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Movement, Style, School or Period:


Date and Place of Birth:

February 26, 1808, Marseille, France


Honoré Daumier devoted nearly his entire artistic output (which was immense) toward supporting French Republican ideals (which were, then and there, decidedly left-wing). Once jailed for a political cartoon, he spent much of his career shifting gears in order to stay abreast of governmental sanctions against this very thing. Though best known for his Realistic lithographs, he was also a gifted sculptor and painted evocative canvases (unrecognized in his lifetime) in quick, bold brush strokes.

Important Works:

  • Rue Transnonain, 15 April 1834, 1834
  • Caricaturana (lithographic series), 1838
  • The Emigrants (bas-relief sculpture), ca. 1850
  • The Uprising, ca. 1860
  • Third-Class Railway Carriage, 1864

Date and Place of Death:

February 10, 1879, Valmondois, France

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