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Artists in 60 Seconds: Salvador Dalí


© Salvador Dalí, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation; used with permission of Philadelphia Museum of Art

Salvador Dalí (Spanish, 1904-1989). Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War), 1936. Oil on canvas. 39 5/16 x 39 3/8 in. (99.9 x 100 cm). The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection, 1950. 1950-134-41. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

© Salvador Dalí, Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Movement, Style, School or Type of Art:


Date and Place of Birth:

May 11, 1904, Figueras, Spain


Dalí was a good, technical painter. In the 1920s, he read Freud, took up with other emerging Surrealists, and began actively seeking his subconscious mind so as to paint the visions there. The results of his (self-induced) hallucinogenic states are highly realistic paintings of a bizarre dream world.

He switched to a classical style in the early 1940s and created works with primarily religious themes for the rest of his life.

Important Works:

  • The Persistence of Memory, 1931
  • Soft Construction with Boiled Beans, 1936

Date and Place of Death:

January 23, 1989, Figueras, Spain

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